Then we also sell these items below off-site, you can purchase through us…

All Safer 3 items 10% of each order (or 2% of each item, whichever is greater!) will be donated back to Swim for Life-Safer 3 so they can keep up the good work.

Squirt toys (set of 3) $4

Coloring book 2.50

Wristband $3.00

Safer 3 tattoos (set of 4) $1.00

Safer 3 Activities Book $1.50

Activity Sheet (Certification) $1.00

Kidz Aquatic Towels

Logo- $30

Kidz & Girl Only $ 20

Kidz &Dolphin only $20

Kidz Wordz Only $15

Kidz Aquatic T-shirts 6M $10- XXXL $30Kidz Aquatic Shorts $15

Kidz Aquatic Bags $15

Kidz Aquatic Hats $10

Water Gear Paddle Bar Float 27″ $30
Progressive Backpack $18

We will soon be offering Lifeguarding, WSI, CPR/AED and First Aid Classes also!!

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