If you are interested in a Scholarship award, we choose most of them for the summer season by May 31 of each year, so if you would like to be considered, please have your Essay and Scholarship Form in by then otherwise, you may be pushed to next selection period I am sorry.

Knowing the value of swimming, yet recognizing the current economic turmoil deterring those in need has inspired Janine to provide an opportunity for those with financial need. The annual JK Scholarship, in honor of her aunt and uncle, Karen and Jacob, who have been instrumental in providing a means for the transportation that, has made the establishment of Kidz Aquatic possible. Because of the JK scholarship, each year a select number of students have been able to receive lessons that would normally not be able to afford them. “[We] try to work with everyone so children/adults can be taught,” states Janine.

If you are interested in pursuing the JK Scholarship, please submit an essay stating why you believe your child/family deserves the scholarship this year- financial need, too many activities paying for already, etc.

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Otherwise to be considered for the scholarship fill out JK Scholarship Form below.

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