Our Mission

Our  Philosophy

We believe in making swimming fun, and letting the swimmers enjoy the water, not fear it. We look at the age of a child or adult and discover what they are capable of achieving, whether it is swimming a few feet or the entire pool.  We do not force children or adults underwater; they need to be ready to try it on their own.


Instructors are tested to make sure they can provide a very safe and fun swimming environment. Each teacher is First Aid and CPR-certified. All instructors also have swim instructor liability insurance.


There should always be a legal guardian present at the time of the lesson. Failure to provide a guardian will result in the cancellation of the lesson.

When a child is sick, please don’t bring him/her to the lessons. Your teachers and the other children in the pool do get sick being in close contact with sick children in lessons. And of course, it is not in the best interest of your child’s overall health. Children with tubes in their ears can swim (many doctors prescribe earplugs) but diving is probably not a good idea.

Please pay for lessons by mail or arrangement by Janine. Instructors do not take payment or checks at the lessons. This speeds lesson orders and keeps things clear. Any returned check is subject to a $25 fee charge.

Pool temperature: For children’s swim lessons, the U.S. Swim School Association and the Red Cross strongly suggest a pool temp of 88 degrees or higher. Learning and the comfort of your child are so much more effective in warm water, and we want you to get your money’s worth!  It is at the discretion of the instructor and office to cancel or cut short a lesson if pool temperature or an unsanitary pool may affect the health of the participants. Please call our office if you may find difficulty meeting this policy. Tip: For about $80, Leslie’s Pool Supply stocks a lightweight pool solar blanket which typically raises the temperature of an unheated pool by 15 degrees.


Should for any reason the client and/or the instructor need to cancel a lesson, a 24-hour notice is required. Once the cancellation is approved, the lesson will be made up after the originally scheduled lessons have been met. If the client fails to provide a 24-hour notice, the lesson will be canceled with no makeup. All checks will be payable to Kidz Aquatic, LLC. If the instructor fails to provide a 24-hour notice, the client will get one lesson free. There are NO refunds if you choose to cancel when already in lessons.

In case of bad weather, please check with your instructor and the school to reschedule the lesson, with no cancellation penalty. Repeated use of this will only be honored at the discretion of the instructor and office.

Certifications & Licenses

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