West Hills Pool


Location: Off Platt & Highlander For Valley Lessons @ our POOL locations

West Hills is not opening  2019  CSUN is Available this year only!  Sorry, No Instructors Available to be there 🙁

Picture to come

This year 2017 schedule is as follows: (Schedule subject to change-seasonal)

During our Fall  2017 Season Schedule it is Tuesdays & Thursdays
we have times slots starting at 4pm through 5:30pm ending at 6pm

You can do 2 days a week in a group setting,  2 a week private, 2 days or semi-private.   

Private Classes:

Preschool Age (Individual)

  • Tadpole (Mommy and Me) $30/half hour or with instructor only $35/half hour one child.
  • Seahorse Age Group 2-4 yrs. $35/half hour one child
  • Octopus Age Group 4-5yrs $35/ half hour one child

Elementary school-age 5yrs and up (Individual) 

  • Starfish Level 1 $40/half hour one child
  • Jelly Fish Level 2 $40/half hour one child
  • Fishes Level 3 $40/half hour one child
Class 2X A Week 2X A Week/ Semi-Private 2X A Week/Group 3 or more
Tadpole Mommy N Me $228 $190 per kid $152 per kid
Tadpole $266  $190 per kid  $152 per kid
Seahorse $266  $190 per kid  $152 per kid
Octopus $266  $190 per kid  $152 per kid
Starfish $304  $190 per kid  $152 per kid
Jellyfish $304  $190 per kid  $152 per kid
Fishes $304 $190 per kid $152 per kid

All other class we do at CSUN in our Seahorse/Starfish level M/W/F @ 4-4:45