Awards Received

Kidz Aquatic, LLC has been receiving awards for professional swimming instruction and services around the San Fernando Valley and the state of California. We set out to provide top-notch instruction in order to best serve our clients and their families. 

Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards Finalist 2011, 2012, 2016- Top 3
Kidz Aquatic LLC has emerged as a winner in our ‘Lifestyle’ category your award title is ‘Best Private Swimming Instructors 2016’

Based on the research that our in house team has been conducting we believe that Kidz Aquatic deserve this award due to the excellent customer service in which you provide to your customers. You provide comfort and ease in your swimming lessons by providing these lessons in the comfort of your customers own homes. You provide passion and commitment in making sure that all children are included in the experience of swimming and that no one is left out! Living in a society where inclusion is desired and everyone wants to feel like they fit in with one another, this is one keen way to make sure that inclusion and equality is involved in one of the most interesting sports for children which is swimming!
As a company this puts you above and beyond any other provider of swimming lessons, especially since Kidz Aquatic are one of the only registered schools in its area to have a ‘Adaptive Aquatic Certification’

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2016 Executive Awards: Corporate Vision

Award: Best for Private Swimming Instruction – Los Angeles


Firm: Kidz Aquatic, LLC
Award: Best for Swimming Education Services
Region: California


Award: Best of Business Sports and Recreation Instruction 2015


Award: Best Swimming Instruction, Years Awarded: 2013, 2014 and 2015, 2016