Need some swimmers for Swim Video FREE Lesson

Kidz Aquatic is look to do a Summer 2010 swim video and look for some clients from this year that would be interested in being in it. Let us know if you would like to have a free lessons so we can video tape and take some pictures of your child/ren swimming and doing the safe 3.

It will be going up on the website to replace the Summer 2008 on the home-page and that one will be put on the picture page so if you in that one it won’t be off the site either just in a different spot, just updating the video. You will also be receive a copy of the video.

You can either contact us by email, at or write us on if you click the link beside it will take you to it.( Kidz Aquatic Facebook ) or you can twitter it at ( Kidz Aquatic Twitter ) .

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