Lifeguard, Swim Instructor & Manager

I have been with Kidz Aquatic, LLC since Summer 2009; this is my seventh season back. It is an awesome place to work, I enjoy working with the clients and my co-worker, it an excellent learning environment for children and adults.

Hello, my name is Mark. I graduated from the California State University of Northridge, and I am a lifeguard. Back in 2005, I officially became a lifeguard through the city of Los Angeles. I am currently certified in Lifeguarding, first aid, CPR, and AED for the professional rescuer. All of my certifications have been done through the American Red Cross. Having worked in many city pools has given me plenty of experience with both children and adults.

My job requires me to make sure is safe. With Kidz Aquatic, LLC I am a lifeguard, making sure everyone’s having fun and safe and while I am a Swim Instructor I teach the children and adults how to swim, from beginning to techniques.

Before I worked at CSUN, I worked at the following LA city pools: Cleveland pool, Van Nuys Pool, and the Woodland Hills pool. For the past three years, I have also worked at numerous pool parties. Many of the pool parties that I would guard had an average of 15 children.

The only time I ever had to make a “rescue” was 2008 with a hiking group from CSUN. An individual jumped into a small pool of water and was starting to struggle because he could not touch the bottom. Since I was the closest person to him, I pulled him ashore before he hit the small rapids a little down river.

Aside from lifeguarding and going hiking, I like to swim. I swam in high school for three years, and I still swim competitively at Pierce Collage for their Masters program. I have been doing a few triathlon and am on the CSUN team and enjoy every minute. One of the other activities that I used to do in high school was play water polo, which I played for three years. I look forward working with you at your pool parties and or working with you and your child/ren this coming season!